Tank Monitoring Services

Our professionally installed tank monitoring service gives you peace of mind that you will never run-out. See your propane tank level anytime, anywhere through our smart monitor and free mobile phone app!

Why Tank Monitoring?

With tank monitoring, you will be able to:

  • Track your tank’s current level from your phone from anywhere
  • Save money by better managing your monthly energy consumption
  • Eliminate the guesswork of when you need a fill-up with low tank alerts

Most importantly, we will also be monitoring your tank level to ensure efficient deliveries, so you don’t run-out! It’s a great value add to customers with generators, second homes or primary residences, as well as commercial and agricultural customers!

How Does It Work?

    • We will professionally install a monitor on your tank
    • Once installed, download and setup the free Tank Utility app on your phone
    • From the app, receive real-time alerts when your tank is low and monitor your monthly fuel consumption anytime from anywhere
    • We will also monitor your tank level to help prevent run-outs!

(Watch our video to learn more about tank monitoring services.)


How Do I Sign Up?

For more information, sign up here or call us at 814-299-7073

A Moore Propane team member will be in touch right away!