Refund Policy


Gas services are irrevocable. However, Moore Propane realizes that exceptional circumstances can take place that may require credit adjustments. The purpose of this policy is to establish uniform guidelines for the issuance of customer refunds resulting from overpayment and transfer of credit balances on utility accounts.


For Active Accounts:

  • Any overpayment made by a customer on an account will be reflected as a credit balance on the customer’s account that will be applied to future bills.

  • Refunds for payments made by check, over the counter, via mail or through a bank on any account will be issued upon the request of the account holder when payments made result in a credit balance that exceeds $5.00 on the account.

  • Refunds for over the phone and online credit card transactions will be issued to the card account, if requested, within (30) business day of payment being posted to the account.

  • Requests made after the expired (30) business day period will be issued by check if the amount exceeds $5.00.

  • In the event a billing adjustment creates a credit balance on the account, the credit will be applied to future bills.

For Inactive/Closed Accounts:

  • Refunds for closed accounts are not automatic and are only processed upon request of the account holder.

  • Refunds for any closed account must be made within a two (2) year period and will be issued by check.

  • Any credit balance in the amount of $5.00 or less remaining on the account after ninety (90) days from issuance of the final bill shall be written off by Moore Propane.

  • Any credit balance held for more than two (2) years will be written off the account.