• How to Change Propane Suppliers


Paying too much for propane?  Tired of terrible customer service?  Want the best price, personal service, and benefit of a local, family-owned business?  Think changing propane suppliers is a hassle or too difficult?  Whether you own your own tank or not, see how simple it is in our step by step guide:


If you own your own tank follow the steps below:


  1. Call 814-299-7073.  The phone is answered locally at our office in Falls Creek, PA.  If you prefer, stop into our office at 140 Preston Way or contact us here
  2. We will process your name, address, size of tank, current gas percentage, and some general delivery directions.
  3. You will be quoted a price for your gas.
  4. You can expect a timely delivery of your gas.  If you tank is empty we will do a complimentary system check for you.
  5. If you are currently on an auto delivery program, you should notify your current supplier in writing that you no longer require their service.  You should also secure your tank from unauthorized access or delivery.


If you do not own your own tank, changing suppliers is just as easy:


  1. Follow steps 1-5 above.
  2. We will review your tank usage and suggest the proper size tank for your needs.  We will perform a complimentary site survey.
  3. You can purchase your tank outright.
  4. Your tank will be installed by our professional installers in a time frame that suits you.  The price of your tank includes delivery, installation, and free gas check.



Moore Propane, LLC supplies the following areas:

DuBois, Clearfield, Brookville, Clarion, Reynoldsville, Falls Creek, Syskesville, Brockway, Kersey, Rossiter,Sigel, Fisher, Curwensville, St. Mary’s, Johnsonburg, Wilcox, Rockton, Luthersburg, Sabula, Troutville, Emporium, Ridgway, Punxsutawney, Knoxdale, Weedville, and MORE!