• 2020 Donation Recipients

Moore Propane is a small, family-run, local business.  We work hard to provide our community with clean, safe, affordable propane.  To give thanks for your support, Moore Propane proudly made donations to the following organizations throughout 2018.

We encourage you to support these fine organizations (and all of our local businesses) as much as possible in the upcoming year.  By keeping our dollars local we are supporting a healthier, more prosperous community for ourselves and generations to come.  Moore Propane thanks you for your support and pledges to continue giving back to these and other fine organizations.


2020 Donation Recipients:


•  St. Joseph’s Indian School

•  Falls Creek Fire Department

•  Adrian-Sandy Township Fire Department

•  Brockway Fire Department

•  Sykesville Fire Department

•  Horton Township Fire Department

•  Penfield Fire Department

•  DuBois Christian Schools

•  Battaglia Racing Team

•  Chatterbox Café and Social Center

•  VFW Post 813

•  Goodwill Industries

•  Brockway Golf Course

•  Treasure Lake Property Owners Association

•  Jefferson County Farm Bureau

•  Red Wagon Family Fund, Inc.

•  Scrubmasters Hunting Club

•  Gary and Son’s

•  Acme Machine & Welding

•  Father Flannigan’s Boys Town

•  Toys for Tots

• Why Local Matters


Think Moore – Save More  – Moore Propane


•   Moore Propane, located in Falls Creek, PA reminds you that as the cold, winter weather has arrived, it is more important than ever to have a LOCAL reliable propane supplier.


•   Moore Propane Answers the phone when you call.  You will not be greeting with an answering machine, or out-of-the-area call center. Moore Propane’s office and fill plant in Falls Creek have been open and will remain open during these challenging times.  Our office hours are Monday thru Friday  8:30 am  to 4:30 pm.  Our Fill Plant hours are 8.30 am to 4.30 pm Monday  thru Friday.   On Saturday, the Fill Plant is open 8 am to 12 pm.


•   Moore Propane drives our trucks to you from our distribution center in Falls Creek, PA,  not from some other state or country.  When you are our customer, we treat you like family – not an account number.


•   Moore Propane  has a 24/7 emergency number that is answered by the owners and we will resolve your issue immediately. .


•   Moore Propane is currently taking on new customers and setting tanks. So if your current propane supplier has not been reliable, charges any type of extra fees, won’t answer the phone when you call, doesn’t have a local office to handle your needs, and charges too much for gas, please give Moore Propane a call at 814-299-7073 or visit us on the web at moorepropaneusa.com.


Remember: Think Moore – Save More  – Moore Propane

• Breast Cancer Awareness – Delivery Truck

At Moore Propane we believe that delivering a quality product at competitive pricing with first class customer service is what small business is all about.  We also believe that supporting the people who support us is what community is all about.  When we founded Moore Propane in 2013, we made the commitment to support our local communities through yearly donations and financial sponsorships (see our 2019 donation recipients here).


In December 2019 we decided to take our support on the road.  We added a 5th truck to our fleet and we are proud to present it in the community and on our delivery routes in support of breast cancer awareness.



In addition to having our new truck in service painted to help bring awareness to this important issue we are also currently working on details with Lisa’s Ladybug Patient Care Fund (Punxsutawney) to donate a percentage of our delivery profits back to the community during Breast Cancer Awareness Month (Oct. 2020).


Nearly all of us know someone who is or has been affected by breast cancer and we are happy to do our part in helping bring awareness and financial support this issue.


So…..If you see one of our driver’s out in the new truck feel free to give him a wave or a thumbs up in support of breast cancer.   Together we can build stronger communities.  Together we can beat breast cancer!



Lisa’s Ladybug Patient Care Fund

Courier Express Article About Lisa’s Ladybug


• Green Energy News: Community Kitchen – Myanmar


     Did you know that propane is a low-carbon fuel that produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions than electricity, gasoline, diesel, bio-diesel, and many other fuel options?  In fact, propane is completely non-toxic to the environment, cannot be spilled or dissolved in water, is highly efficient, and is often a lower cost energy option than other alternatives.


In an effort to spread awareness of propane as a clean, green energy source we will be sharing articles detailing the use of LP gas around the world.  We will call these segments “Green Energy News”.


Our first article follows and is posted by permission of the February 2019 issue of “Butane-Propane News“.  If you have any difficulty reading, you can just click on the image to make the font larger.  We hope you enjoy!


• Customer Log In Instructions

We’ve made paying your bill and checking your account status easy.  With online account access you are now able to see open invoices, pay on open invoices, or print your account history for your records.


To log on just follow these simple instructions:


Online Bill Pay & Account Access Activation:

·       Visit www.moorepropaneusa.com

·       Click “Customer Log In”.

·       Click “Register”.

·       Enter your account number using all capital letters.

–   Your account number can be found on your delivery ticket

–   It is the 2nd line item on the far left hand side

·       Fill out form and click “Register”


You will receive an email within 1 business day confirming your registration.

Once registered, log in using your account number and the password you created.

To make a payment click the “Make Payment” button on the bottom right.

Payments and Delivery Invoices may take 2 to 3 business days to reflect online.


For questions or assistance please call us at 814-299-7073.

Office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

• At the NPGA Convention


Moore Propane was at the National Propane Gas Association Convention this April in Atlanta!

Check out Earle Moore’s testimonial for Vision Financial Group!  They have helped us grow so we can provide you with the quality service you deserve.  Thank you VFG!


• Advantages for our Customers


Everyone knows that Moore Propane strives to have the best price available on quality HD-5 grade propane.  But did you know all of the other benefits to having us be your propane supplier?


  1. Phones answered and all decisions made locally.  After hours phone answered 24/7/365 and any problem you have will be handled promptly to your satisfaction.
  2. Moore Propane sells only HD-5 grade propane, the best product available.
  3. You can choose auto delivery, days between delivery, will call, fax, or order online here
  4. Never any lengthy contracts to sign or credit checks.  At Moore Propane we do business on a handshake and treat you like family.
  5. We have Pre-Buy, Price Lock-In, and Locked-in Price budget payment plans.
  6. Moore Propane is a locally owned and operated, American company.  Our management and staff are committed to making every transaction with “you our customer” an enjoyable experience.
  7. Moore Propane was started to make propane affordable for you, your family, farm, or business.  Our growth and success depends on “You our customer!”.