– At the NPGA Convention


Moore Propane was at the National Propane Gas Association Convention this April in Atlanta!

Check out Earle Moore’s testimonial for Vision Financial Group!  They have helped us grow so we can provide you with the quality service you deserve.  Thank you VFG!


– 2018 Open House!


Get ready for the 2018 Moore Propane Open House!



  • Friday, May 4th, 2018
  • Saturday, May 5th, 2018



  • The Moore Propane Fill Plant: 162 Preston Way, Falls Creek, PA 15840  (map)


Enter to win FREE PROPANE (Ten winners)!!!


We will also have refreshments, open-house discounts, door prizes, and more!


See our flyer below for more info:


– 2017 Donation Recipients


Moore Propane is a small, family-run, local business.  We work hard to provide our community with clean, safe, affordable propane.  To give thanks for your support, Moore Propane proudly made donations to the following organizations throughout 2017.  We encourage you to support these fine organizations (and all of our local businesses) as much as possible in the upcoming year.  By keeping our dollars local we are supporting a healthier, more prosperous community for ourselves and generations to come.  Moore Propane thanks you for your support and pledges to continue giving back to these and other fine organizations.


2017 Donation Recipients:


Acme Machine

Apostolic Gospel Church

Make a Wish Foundation

Punxsutawney Christian School Auction

DuBois American Legion Riders

Berean Baptist Church

Children’s Miracle Network

DuBois Knights of Columbus.  Various charitable causes

St. Leos Annual Trout Derby

Falls Creek Park Golf Benefit

St. Peter & Paul Orthodox

Center Hill Community Church

Chatterbox Cafe

Jessica Williamson Johnson benefit golf scramble, Treasure Lake Resident resident

2017 Car Show, Treasure Lake owners association

Church of God, Brockway

Lucinda Sportsmen Club

Tri-County Church

Trinity United Church of Christ

One by One to Jamaica

Harmons Jamaica

Scrub Master Hunting Club Sykesville, helping people in need

Family Life Ministries

Brookville Food Pantry

Youth Football Treasure Lake

St. Bonaventure Church Grampian, Pa

Grampian Church of God

Eric Mowery – 4H Jefferson County

Meade Chapel United Methodist

Jefferson Co. Sheriff.  New K9 dog

Beechwoods Golf Course Local Fireworks July 4th Celebration

Oasis Ministry

Ramsaytown United Methodist

Goodwill Industries Falls Creek annual charitable Golf Classic

Brockway Golf Course charitable events

Domtar Boot Campaign for Wounded Warriors (our largest donation for 2017)

Home Camp United Methodist

Treasure Lake Member Guest, Golf Tournament

Brockway Little League Charity Golf Tournament

Kirkman Church

St Judes Children’s Research Hospital

Brookville Food Pantry

Jefferson County Fair



– Advantages for our Customers


Everyone knows that Moore Propane strives to have the best price available on quality HD-5 grade propane.  But did you know all of the other benefits to having us be your propane supplier?

Moore Propane Customer Benefits

– How to Change Propane Suppliers


Paying too much for propane?  Tired of terrible customer service?  Want the best price, personal service, and benefit of a local, family-owned business?  Think changing propane suppliers is a hassle or too difficult?  Whether you own your own tank or not, see how simple it is in our step by step guide:


Changing Propane Supplier to Moore Propane

Moore Propane, LLC supplies the following areas:

DuBois, Clearfield, Brookville, Clarion, Reynoldsville, Falls Creek, Syskesville, Brockway, Kersey, Rossiter,Sigel, Fisher, Curwensville, St. Mary’s, Johnsonburg, Wilcox, Rockton, Luthersburg, Sabula, Troutville, Emporium, Ridgway, Punxsutawney, Knoxdale, Weedville, and MORE!

– Refill and Exchange Here!


We understand that it may not always be convenient for you to visit our Fill Plant at 162 Preston Way, Falls Creek, PA to have your 20 pound propane tank filled.


For your convince we have partnered with several local business to offer you the same great quality and pricing of Moore Propane with the added benefit of filling or exchanging your cylinder close to home.


Please see our Cylinder Refill and Exchange Locations page here for locations and details.

– Budget Cost Options

We have made it through another winter and now is the time to plan for next winter’s heating needs.  Propane prices are lower during the warmer months due to decreased demand.  Take advantage of these low prices with Moore Propane’s Lock-In Program, and Budget Lock-In Program. Starting April 1st, 2015 buy some or all of your propane for next winter while the price is low and have it delivered next fall and winter when needed.  Depending on your needs and usage you could save hundreds to thousands of dollars off of your heating bills!


In addition to our always low prices and budget programs (as always) you will receive with your patronage the Moore Propane Advantage guarantee:  NO MINIMUM DELIVERY and NO EXTRA CHARGES EVER!!!


Our prices can’t be beat and we have the best customer service in the local propane industry hands down!  At Moore Propane we treat you like family!


Contact Moore Propane here or call us at 814-299-7073 to place an order or discuss our Budget Programs today!


Propane Pre-Buy

– We Specialize in Low-Cost Corn and Grain Drying Applications!

Moore Propane’s motto is “making propane affordable.”  We were founded on the belief that  by providing a quality product at a fair price that we could enhance quality of life in the communities we serve.  Farming and agriculture is a way of life in many of these local communities.  It is with this in mind that we have proudly joined the Jefferson County Farm Bureau.


Affiliated with the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau and American Farm Bureau Federation, the Jefferson County Farm Bureau is a non-profit organization  which promotes and supports agriculture at the community and state level.  From policy initiatives to educational programs and scholarships, the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau and its 54 County Bureaus provide a wealth of support and resources at the local level.

We are proud to supply quality, affordable propane to our local and state farmers for use in their corn and grain-drying applications.

Moore Propane offers :

24 / 7 delivery

NO emergency charges… EVER!

NO delivery charges

NO haz-mat charges

You only pay for the propane that you purchase!


As a local business  we believe that it is our duty to provide our communities with greater investment power for the future.  By supporting  local farmers and helping to reduce the cost of grain drying we can do our part to keep grain prices low and your savings where they belong.

We’re making propane affordable for farm, home, or business.

Call us today (814) 299-7073 and discover the Moore Propane Advantage!

– Insiders Tip #1: Owning Your Own Propane Tank

Insider’s Propane Tip:  #1 HUGE SAVINGS

Owning your own propane tank vs. using a “free” tank from your propane supplier.


Whether it is for cooking, taking a hot shower, drying clothes, or heating your home, we all use some form of energy every day.  For many families propane provides the most cost-effective, reliable, safe, and efficient source of energy available.

Most customers who use propane to heat their home will use an average of 1,200 gallons per year.   If other propane appliances such as a hot water heater, clothes dryer, or stove are being used then average usage tends to be approximately 1,500 gallons per year.  For a homeowner using 1,500 gallons of propane per year we recommend installing a 500 gallon tank.

If you do not own a propane tank then you are most likely using a “free” tank from your current propane supplier. Most suppliers do not offer to sell you your own tank and will more than likely discourage you from doing so if you ask.  Oddly enough these same companies tend to market very aggressively to people who already own their own tank.

When you are “given” a tank from your propane supplier there are costs involved.  The largest of these costs is that you are restricted to buying propane only from the company that gave you the tank.  This allows the supplier to dictate your price. When you own your own propane tank you control the amount that a company can charge during the heating months when the price goes up.  You will have choices and (of course) you are going to buy gas from the company that gives you the best price, service, and product.  You see, if you own your own propane tank then you are free to buy gas from whomever you want whenever you want!  If you are using a “free” tank from a propane supplier you must always buy gas from them.  This allows companies to inflate the price of gas, have a minimum delivery or pile on extra charges and fees.

For most homeowners selecting propane as their primary way of heating their home, drying clothes, cooking the family meal, and heating their water is a long term commitment of 10 years or more.  Let’s look at the advantage of owning your own tank versus “THE FREE TANK.”

The customer who (does not purchase at pre-buy price) and owns their own tank can expect to save 50 cents per gallon (or more) for propane during a normal year.  This adds up over time!

Remember the average of 1500 gallons per year usage for a typical home heating customer?  At 50 cents savings per gallon amortized over a 10 year period there would be $750.00 per year or $7,500.00 over a 10 year period – money saved!.


In addition, the “free” tank suppliers have extra charges such as haz-mat, delivery, fuel recovery, or fuel surcharges as well as minimum delivery requirements.  In most cases these charges amount to $15.00 to $30.00 per delivery.  The average customer typically receives 4 deliveries per year.  Again, this adds up! These extra charges could amount to an additional $120.00 per year or amortized over a  ten year period $1200.00 (or more).


In short, the savings of owning your own tank and being serviced by Moore Propane are “HUGE”,   especially when you consider the 10 year comparisons.



* Please Note! Prices below are for comparison only *

call (814) 299-7073 for current pricing


FREE 500 GALLON TANK                     Customer Owned 500 gal. Tank from Moore Propane $1,099.00

– $1200.00 in extra charges                    – Zero extra charges

– $7,500.00 in higher fuel costs             – Lowest pricing in the Tri- County Area

$8,700.00 total                                           – $1,099.00 total


** Ten year savings from Moore Propane   $6,702.00
** Saving will vary with usage and tank size.


Call us today (814) 299-7073 or contact us here on the web and let us do a cost comparison for you.  It takes just a few minutes!