Frequently Asked Questions

• What quality of propane do you supply?

We supply only HD5 grade propane, which is the highest grade propane available to consumers in the United States.  We do not blend refinery grade or other inferior products as other suppliers may do.

• If I order propane today, when can I expect it delivered?

Typical delivery time is within 3-5 days of your order.

• How do you keep your prices so low?

We are a family owned, independent, local company with lower internal costs for serving our customers. We pass these savings on to you, our customers!  We have no share holders, no executive staff, or departmental quota’s or red tape.  We supply high quality (HD5) propane and expert customer service at a lower cost to you.

• What if it snows?

To ensure prompt delivery after snow please be sure to keep your driveway clean and accessible for our driver. Depending on road conditions delivery time may be extended.  Always monitor your tank for sufficient supply.  It is always best to call for your delivery order when your tank is no less than 30% full.

• When my tank is at what percent full should I call for delivery?

We recommend calling for your delivery when your tank is reading 30%.  If you have a limited access driveway and /or inclement is expected it is advised to call your order in at a slightly higher percentage remaining to ensure timely delivery.

• What if I am out of gas?

If you are completely out of propane and you are able to safely do so you should turn your tank off.  You should then call us at (814) 299-7073 and inform us that your tank is empty and that you need to schedule a delivery.  When you are out of gas it is our policy that we will perform a safety check to ensure that there are no leaks in your system.  Someone will need to be home and available when we arrive.

• Do you offer automatic delivery?

Yes we do!  For your convenience we offer the following automatic delivery programs:

• “Degree Day” based / “Auto-Delivery”

• “Day’s Between /Calendar Days”

• Monthly, Quarterly, and / or Annual automatic delivery based on your usage

For more information, please contact us here or call us at (814) 299-7073

• Do you offer budget plans?

Yes.  We offer a 12 month budget plan based upon your annual usage.  Payments are calculated depending on your previous years sales.  Once your monthly payment is calculated we will provide you with a payment book for your convenience.

• Do you offer pre-buy pricing?

Yes, we offer pre-buy pricing for our customers beginning in late spring / early summer.  There are no additional charges to do so whereas many other companies require a fee.  Pre-buy enables you to purchase propane at summer prices for winter use.  All new and existing Moore Propane,  LLC customers can take advantage of our pre-buy pricing which helps to further reduce your yearly heating expenses.