– Insiders Tip #1: Owning Your Own Propane Tank

Insider’s Propane Tip:  #1 HUGE SAVINGS

Owning your own propane tank vs. using a “free” tank from your propane supplier.


Whether it is for cooking, taking a hot shower, drying clothes, or heating your home, we all use some form of energy every day.  For many families propane provides the most cost-effective, reliable, safe, and efficient source of energy available.

Most customers who use propane to heat their home will use an average of 1,200 gallons per year.   If other propane appliances such as a hot water heater, clothes dryer, or stove are being used then average usage tends to be approximately 1,500 gallons per year.  For a homeowner using 1,500 gallons of propane per year we recommend installing a 500 gallon tank.

If you do not own a propane tank then you are most likely using a “free” tank from your current propane supplier. Most suppliers do not offer to sell you your own tank and will more than likely discourage you from doing so if you ask.  Oddly enough these same companies tend to market very aggressively to people who already own their own tank.

When you are “given” a tank from your propane supplier there are costs involved.  The largest of these costs is that you are restricted to buying propane only from the company that gave you the tank.  This allows the supplier to dictate your price. When you own your own propane tank you control the amount that a company can charge during the heating months when the price goes up.  You will have choices and (of course) you are going to buy gas from the company that gives you the best price, service, and product.  You see, if you own your own propane tank then you are free to buy gas from whomever you want whenever you want!  If you are using a “free” tank from a propane supplier you must always buy gas from them.  This allows companies to inflate the price of gas, have a minimum delivery or pile on extra charges and fees.

For most homeowners selecting propane as their primary way of heating their home, drying clothes, cooking the family meal, and heating their water is a long term commitment of 10 years or more.  Let’s look at the advantage of owning your own tank versus “THE FREE TANK.”

The customer who (does not purchase at pre-buy price) and owns their own tank can expect to save 50 cents per gallon (or more) for propane during a normal year.  This adds up over time!

Remember the average of 1500 gallons per year usage for a typical home heating customer?  At 50 cents savings per gallon amortized over a 10 year period there would be $750.00 per year or $7,500.00 over a 10 year period – money saved!.


In addition, the “free” tank suppliers have extra charges such as haz-mat, delivery, fuel recovery, or fuel surcharges as well as minimum delivery requirements.  In most cases these charges amount to $15.00 to $30.00 per delivery.  The average customer typically receives 4 deliveries per year.  Again, this adds up! These extra charges could amount to an additional $120.00 per year or amortized over a  ten year period $1200.00 (or more).


In short, the savings of owning your own tank and being serviced by Moore Propane are “HUGE”,   especially when you consider the 10 year comparisons.



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FREE 500 GALLON TANK                     Customer Owned 500 gal. Tank from Moore Propane $1,099.00

– $1200.00 in extra charges                    – Zero extra charges

– $7,500.00 in higher fuel costs             – Lowest pricing in the Tri- County Area

$8,700.00 total                                           – $1,099.00 total


** Ten year savings from Moore Propane   $6,702.00
** Saving will vary with usage and tank size.


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